FleuriPerronPictureThe Perron District is named after Fleuri Perron who lived from 1866 to 1931. After emigrating from Montreal and settling in St. Albert, Perron bought several local businesses, including the Windsor Hotel, the general store on main street (now known as Perron Street), and the Perron Brickyard. After working as a businessman and entrepreneur, Perron began his career in politics in 1904 by serving on the first St. Albert Town Council. He was elected as the second mayor of St. Albert in 1908 and severd three terms. Additionally, Perron was the first Vice-President of the St. Albert Board of Trade, and the first President of the Alberta French Canadian Association. Although Perron left St. Albert for several years during an economic downturns in the 1920s, he eventually returned to live out his remaining days.

The downtown district of St. Albert experienced a period of great expansion at the beginning of the 20th century. By 1908, the downtown area featured two banks and hotels, several retail and service outlets, as well as a blacksmith, drugstore, and butcher shop. In the following years, the Dawson Block was completed and housed a bakery, bank, millinery shop, a drug store, and many other businesses. St. Albert’s Main Street was renamed Perron Street to recognize the impact and influence that Fleuri Perron had on the local business community and St. Albert as a whole.

Today, the Perron District is the heart of St. Albert, featuring historical buildings, colorful festivals, the St. Albert Farmers’ Market, as well as numerous shopping, dining, and cultural attractions. Use this website to get the most out of the Perron District today!



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